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Hand the mic over to your team!

Devialet - Ingénierie acoustique

Devialet has used that specific format to strengthen connexion among staff and create dynamics between internal departments.


How you do that :

  • Introduce the guest

  • What is their position

  • What has been their career like before making it to Devialet?

  • How does their work impact other departments?

Ascanio - Accompagnement digital

Through savvy podcast episodes, Ascanio reemploys the company values to put forward its culture and humor.


How you do that:

  • Ask the guest about their nickname

  • Where do they get it from?

  • How did they learn about Ascanio?

  • Tell us about your professional background?

  • Introduce the next guest with their nickname

Introducing the company’s strategy

Make sure you present transparent fact and engage staff

American Airlines - compagnie aérienne

American Airlines has decided to communicate on their decision making process – and they share this corporate process with staff through a podcast.

How you do that:

  • Introduce the episode’s main topic
  • What is our strategy for partnerships?
  • How does this strategy produce new Customer Experience?
  • What has changed with the new agreements?

Sharing expertise

A way to bring light on your business partners’ special talents

Madivin - Cave à vin

Madivin dedicated a full season of podcasts to highlight the passion and expertise of its winemakers.


How you do that:

  • Introduce the domain
  • Tell the audience about your story and how you grew a taste for wine
  • Tell us about your commitment on environment

    Réseau entreprendre - Association qui accompagne les créateurs d'entreprise

    Réseau Entreprendre, a French professional network, hands the mic over to its staff/members/sponsors with an expertise-sharing perspective. The idea is to spread the word on good practices.


    How you do that:

    • Introduce the guest
    • How did you become a certified coach?
    • Tell us about your area of expertise
    • A tip you can share with young certified coaches?

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      Podcast d'entreprise

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      Podcast d'entreprise