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After years on the run, serial killer Jeff Patson was finally arrested. Hours of interrogation led Jeff to tell the whole story of his killings, with excruciating details. The “Serial Killer” podcast is a fiction with Jeff as the narrator episode after episode.


How you do that :

  • Interrogation n.1 “state your name and full identity”

  • Hand over mic to the serial killer

The sweet spot

Share your expertise on a specific topic (preferably your strong suit)

A bird-lover, I made a podcast on birds’ history, emphasizing their role within our global ecosystem and introduced various species.

How you do that:

  • Opening sound of bird chirping, specifically the species introduced in the previous episode
  • History of the species

  • Anecdotes and “Did you know”
  • Outro: introduce another species through its birdsongs.

Find inspiration and motivation through this dedicated podcast.

How you do that:

  • Address a topic related point to question the audience

  • Share advice about getting and staying motivated when addressing the topic

  • Wrap up with more questions opening to connected subjects

Carry out interviews

Chat with your guests on various topics


To support young students in their post-grad choices, we launched a podcast that describes several professions and positions from a factual standpoint.


How you do that:

  • Introduce the guest/expert

  • Tell us about your background

What is a typical day with you like

  • Word to the wise for young students

    Each and every one of us has their own vision of life. Perception varies depending on many criteria and the podcast focuses on emotions


    How you do that:

    • How you do that: introduce the guest

    • Discussion on the connexion between emotions felt and the topic addressed

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      Podcast d'entreprise

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      Podcast d'entreprise