Check the audio quality of a podcast

Vib3s allows you to analyze the audio quality of a podcast! Choose a representative sample of your show or a full length episode and upload it to our website, as well as your email address then check your mailbox: we just sent the results of the podcast analysis with Vib3s!

    Which microphone are you using for recording your show ?

    Which editing software are you using ?


    What remote recording solution are you using?

    How does it work ?

    Analyze a podcast’s audio quality easily

    You only need to upload your podcast and wait !

    Our algorithm automatically detects background noises, noise variations, voice quality etc…

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    About us

    Vib3s is a fresh team of podcast addicts and audio experts, who ambition to weigh in as the podcasting industry is skyrocketing. Vib3s thrives on the challenge of mixing audio expertise and innovation.

    The Podcast-audio-quality tool has been proudly developed by Vib3s in our French headquarters.