You want to record a podcast easily, but don’t know where to begin? We will guide your every step!

VIB3S makes your life easier and leads you along the creation of your podcast.

You don’t need to know about audio engineering, everything is automated!


Create your Podcast in 4 steps

Recording a podcast has never been easier!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Vib3s is made for you!

Check your audio quality

Plug your microphone and check your sound quality

Our algorithm automatically detects the background noise level and will check the sound level of every participant BEFORE you start recording!

Build your Podcast’s structure

Adopt the style of the most famous podcasts to create the perfect structure for your own

Structure your podcast into different part, set their duration and annotate them by writing your speech, questions…

Record your Podcast

Start recording your podcast and use the structure previously created

Keep an eye on: your notes, the elapsed and remaining time, as well as the different alerts (mic issues, sound saturation…), in order to record your podcast serenely.

Edit your podcast

Use our editing tool to get a final render just like the  professionals

You can move and delete every part of your podcast, customize your podcast by importing audio files, your intro, songs and jingles.

Our different automatic filters allow you to improve your podcast’s audio quality and make it sound as if you were a professional.


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About us

Vib3s is a team of podcast addicts and audio experts, whose ambition is to shape the viral growth of podcasts industry. Vib3s thrives on the challenge of mixing audio expertise and innovation.